Sunday, February 14, 2010

here is some hatred for you

Overheard today:

"As an educator, and an educated person, [The Scarlet Letter] is pure horseshit."

"A Separate Peace isn't a bad story, but it's terribly dry and out-dated. All I remember is the bit where the narrator describes his roommate's glistening wet ass." (I remember this too, and it was weird and heavy-handed)

"People idealize childhood but 90% of it is being bored as shit, wishing you could get fucked up somehow."

Forgive the whitenoise posting; it's late and I've had kind of an exhausting weekend. At some point I'll have to comment on The Collected Works of Billy the Kid, which I'm almost done reading; it's really fun, if hopelessly scattershot in its delivery. Definitely a new take on the western, that's for sure. But that can wait until I have some functioning brain cells to rub together and charge up a coherent opinion.

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