Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the beat the beat the beat

Music time!

This is partly to flog my own back for being such an insufferable grouch about pop music. It's not that I feel bad about disliking it as a general rule - modern pop is really overproduced (too much compression and Autotune) and too steeped in brainless club techno for my liking. Also I am a cranky old man and I hate everything. That said, there are certain pop music offshoots that grab me by the lapels and make me dance like the awkward white person I am.

First up? Powerpop. Powerpop is a sugary mixture of early 60s rock music (crisp vocal harmonies, simple arrangements, prominent/melodic guitars) and the lighter end of 70s punk (the Ramones, the Buzzcocks, Generation X). It flies in the face of my usual fast/heavy/aggressive tastes, but when it's good it sounds like "What I Want," by the Donkeys.

New wave, which I think everyone can more or less identify by now, tends to be either annoyingly, stupidly chipper or detached and androgynous (in a forced, awkwardly teenage kind of way). But The Network (aka Green Day in masks) put out an album a few years ago that, despite taking the piss out of new wave, ended up being a really good new wave album. There's a certain snottiness to the delivery that I wish actual new wave music would adopt once in a while. Here's "Roshambo."

Also, to throw in an actual touring new wave band that didn't suck, here's the Epoxies: "Synthesized." I am a total sucker for the melody in this one and there's no use denying it.

Oh, and I like Royksopp because their music consists of bright little jelly beans full of ear heroin. Here's "Remind Me."

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