Sunday, March 21, 2010

wet and soggy like a crashing wave

Time to blow the dust off this thing and post again. It's been a while thanks to school and work and, most recently, midterms. And a wedding - a friend of mine got hitched up in the Baltimore Aquarium last night, and yours truly was in attendance to mark the occasion. I also caught the garter, which I then had to, while blindfolded, put on the girl who caught the bouquet. I did not realize this was a thing people do at weddings, so I'm sure it looked every bit as awkward as it felt to someone who had never made another person's acquaintance by rolling lacy underthings up their leg. Of course, it's on videotape, and someday I will seize and burn that footage. But that'll have to wait, because I've still got writing to do. And podcasting, as soon as my partners (Gavin? Nairobi? Anyone? Bueller?) and I have a chance to figure out exactly what the hell we're doing.

Writing-wise, I've got some short stories to refine before I send them out, and my steampunk freakshow project for Experimental Forms is almost done. It's a weird mix of poems, prose, and fake journalism, with an olde-tymey carnival poster thrown in for good measure. The idea came to me when a friend of mine was talking about Walter Freeman, the doctor who lobotomized Rosemary Kennedy (among other people) and traveled the country in a van he called the Lobotomobile, performing psychosurgery on spec in medical theaters. However educated he may have been, his knack for a brutal sort of carny hucksterism is what stuck with me: he was a showman who made his own freaks. I may add some of it to the website if it turns out well enough.

But it won't turn out at all if I don't get back to work. More later.

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