Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the capitalist materialism bling-bling

Okay fine, no more distracting you people with fancy graphics. Time for actual content. I'm currently watching Nerdcore Rising, a documentary following MC Frontalot and his geeklord friends around on tour. Frontalot and MC Chris are pretty much the only two nerdcore rappers worth a shit, so at least they're ghosting picked someone decent, and it's unique in that the guys aren't self-destructive idiots sleeping on living room floors and banging groupies left and right. They are on, so far, the most white-bread Richie Cunningham tour in history.

But Frontalot, who isn't the most socially graceful person on Earth, is still a guy who has promoted his niche art well enough to go out on tour and try to make a living at it, and I find this inspiring. As I've probably established before, I am not a people person and the marketing stuff discussed last Thursday left me feeling like I was staring up the side of Mt. Everest. I don't have much stamina for it. On the other hand, I have four fingers and a thumb.

No seriously, on the other hand I've seen how inhospitable the art world can be to people who aren't driven self-promoters, regardless of the quality of their work. So I have a vested interest in overcoming my own myriad social phobias and getting my work out so people other than my friends can see it. Seeing other people who aren't smooth social operators doing the same thing for an art form even less appealing to regular Americans (rapping about being white and smart and never going outside) than mine (shit about robots in top hats) has proven to be, as I said, inspirational.

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