Friday, April 16, 2010

making sure you get the clear information, not fine print

I never thought I'd ever find a use for electronic music, but as we all know, I am hopelessly dependent on music to write; it helps me set a pace and establish a narrative rhythm.

I like to change up my Writin' Music a lot, too. Different arrangements/moods/tempos/etc. run through different grooves in my brain, and I often find that I use language differently when I listen to one kind of music v. another.

So lately I've been tuning into when I'm writing. It's an online radio station with about 18 different channels that continuously stream music - there's a channel for techno/synthpop, a channel for drone, a channel for cheesy lounge music, etc. Most of their output is electronic music, and their trip-hop station is smoky and mellow and I like it.

"Blue Heron" by Sun Kil Moon is another good one to write to - look for it in the official Gears of War 3 trailer, too. It's minimalism at its catchiest, and the vocals are produced like another instrument instead of a separate and more important function of the song.

I'm working on a few stories at the moment; close to finishing one based on an unethical psychological experiment and there are at least two more waiting to be touched up. I actually did finish one at school, but accidentally deleted the finished version without archiving it. D'oh. Maybe the second finished version will be better. I'd like to send these out once they're done. It's been too long since I tossed work out into the Void.

Back to cleaning the apartment. My mom's visiting, so it has to be spotless look presentable provide at least two spots of visible floor not actively violate state fire/health codes.

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