Thursday, April 8, 2010

this case has enormous ramifications

I'm sitting in class right now, having just set up yet another blogging project - this one's a podcast, though. A poetry podcast. I'll wait until the applause dies down.

Right. The plan, as my frenzied proposal laid out, is to start up a guerrilla poetry podcast. Basically, I'll record people reading their poetry, or poetry in the public domain, and release the recordings as an episodic podcast in my usual audio collage style. Old radio ads and random sound clips will be thrown in there to keep things interesting.

Some poetry podcasts already exist, but they usually focus on celebrated poets reading a couple of their poems, or trained actors reading classic poetry. I'd like my project to be more of a mix. There's a certain unrehearsed quality about amateur readings that I like; they're messy and more interesting to me than the stuff I've heard already, which is more polished. I'd also like to give my poet friends some exposure, limited though it may be, because I like their work and I think they deserve it.

I've also made some headway on my novel - the train rides to and from NC gave me a lot of time to edit with no Internet to distract me. There are still some trouble spots that I've done a good job avoiding thus far, but I think I'm getting a better grip on the novel's overall structure, and some of the minor characters.

There's more, but here I am getting distracted by the Internet again. Back to work!

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