Saturday, May 1, 2010

stop using those words together (semi-cross-posted from OOS)

Uh, so I did some guest blogging over at Meredith Purvis’ website – click here to read my extremely important opinions about Wallace Stevens. Oh, and I also write a monthly column for the Gettysburg Times. Here’s me waxing historic about Tax Day.

Also, I'm having more fun with my podcasting efforts. Orphans of Silence is becoming a pretty awesome project, and I've even kicked the Brasserie (my punk rock/garage/outsider music thing) back into gear. Finding audio clips for the former and music for the latter has been immensely entertaining, and I can feel the creative part of my brain being warped into all sorts of crazy shapes. has been very helpful - a lot of bizarre cassette culture/lo-fi/noise music gets uploaded there, and it's worth panning through tons of shitty bands to find the nuggets of purestrain weird among them, the guys and girls who make crude-but-brilliant music because it welled up inside them and they needed to release it somewhere permanent. Even the stuff I don't like is valuable, in that it's leveling. I may get up my own ass sometimes and think that I'm an edgy guy, but holy shit am I not even close. To paraphrase Patton Oswalt, some of these people build cottages on The Edge and live there year-round.

Oh, and I went to a JHU reading this afternoon. More on that when it's not 3am, but I'm very glad I chose UB to pursue an MFA, that's for sure.

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