Thursday, September 9, 2010

it's been a long time since somebody read to me

Working again, so this'll be a short post. My birthday was the 4th, and celebrations continued into the 5th, followed by a glorious amount of doing nothing on Labor Day. Tuesday night was my Perspectives in Design class, where Citylit founder Gregg Wilhelm gave a talk about the industry and his role as a publisher/editor. He's more optimistic than most about the future of the business, and the point he often came back to was that content is king. No matter how one interacts with literature - be it actual books, hardbacks, audiobooks, e-readers, telepathic projection, etc. - the format doesn't affect the quality. If the book sucks on the page, it'll still suck as an e-book or .pdf file. That's an important message to get across, because writers and designers are so afraid of tech advancements that they forget how useful their skills really are. Not to mention, as e-readers grow more sophisticated, things like varied typefaces, margins, and good illustrations will retain their spot in the marketplace. Hell, they might even revitalize alongside the new technology. Now, the question of whether anyone will be able to make a decent living at it is still unanswered, and publishing is still on shaky ground, so don't think I've completely given myself over to optimism. But it's nice to meet someone in the business who isn't a doomsaying sad sack.

Okay, enough slacking. I'll share my thoughts on modern poetry, and maybe even one of my terrible new poems, next time.

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