Wednesday, October 27, 2010

i don't think there's any way to get away from these facts

News! I am getting published in two e-journals next month - The Light Ekphrastic (in which my writing will be paired with visual art) and the recently-restarted ULA. Literary stardom is surely just around the corner; this time next year, I'll be lighting cigars with other, more expensive cigars. Seriously though, both journals are awesome and I'll have the respective links up here when the time is right.

Second item! Not sure if anyone's been keeping up with the Juan Williams controversy, but he was let go by NPR, where he was apparently an independent contractor, for anti-Muslim remarks he made during a conversation with Bill O'Reilly on Fox News. All sorts of pondwater has been stirred up about whether or not NPR was justified in kiboshing Williams' contract, but the funniest part to me is, given how much pro-management legislation Republicans have pushed through wherein employers can basically fire people for no reason, how much the right is bitching about someone they like getting shitcanned for violating the terms of his contract. Ha ha ha. As an independent contractor myself, that made me chuckle.

As for what Williams said, I think he came off like an asshole bigot. It's one thing to admit prejudicial thoughts/opinions with the admission that they are irrational and unfair, but it's quite another to bask in them and fall back on one's own racial identity to deflect criticism. Fox's response to the whole thing has been typically classless - they are Fox, after all - but for once they aren't alone in handling it badly. Just one big *facepalm* all around.

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