Friday, November 19, 2010

his heart had resumed its normal frenzied pattern

God help me, I'm finally editing the novel.

As we all know, I wrote a novel last year and have been avoiding it ever since. I just didn't have the time or energy to fix everything that was wrong with it, and I had no idea where I wanted it to go. Well, now I do. Sort of. I'm chopping out all the dead wood and focusing on the three most interesting characters (according to reader feedback). I'm also simplifying the plot as best I can, and I might cut out some of the interludes until I have a chance to actually lay them out properly. It's a bit like assembling a jigsaw puzzle, only I had to throw half of it away and make new pieces myself.

What inspired me is the fact that local Baltimore writer/flash fiction genius Joseph Young wrote a vampire novel, titled NAME, in a month to pay his rent - I plan on getting a copy pretty soon, and it reminded me that I have what could turn out to be a decent novel if I got off my duff and put some time in. So I am. Once it's worth showing to people beyond the small core of advance readers I assembled, I'll shop it around to see if anyone wants to publish it. And if absolutely no one does, I'll do it myself.

Speaking of, I'm also assembling the new poetry/short fiction chapbook, which will probably make landfall in January. The extensive winter holiday will interfere with me getting to readings and such. But since I'm reading at Last Rites in January, that'll time itself rather well. Projects, ahoy!

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