Sunday, November 7, 2010

i'll give you certain specifics at a certain time

Ah, MST3K. I'd almost forgotten how funny you were. Conversely, I'd completely forgotten how dorky and awkward all of your skits were.

Anyway, I have to possibly expose my own pretentious fuckwittery here by admitting that I hate it when people ask me to make my work easier to understand in workshop. One reason for this is because I really do try to keep the reader in mind when I write, so it suggests that I've failed in that mission. Given my unreasonable standards for my own work, that's kind of a downer. Even if a piece I'm working on is supposed to be irrational and incomprehensible at points, I want it to at least be interesting enough to keep the reader engaged until it ultimately makes sense.

The other reason why I don't like hearing people demand that my work be easier to read is that it never comes off as a genuine criticism. Especially if that's the only thing they have to say about it. Now, I will accept that suggestion if it comes along with other observations, because that means the reader at least made a go of it and just couldn't get a foothold. That's something I can fix with careful editing, and it says to me that the language or structure I've employed is getting in the way of potentially valuable content.

But more often than not, phrases like "this is too hard to read," or "this needs to be more understandable" stand alone. Which, in a workshop full of other writers, is weak sauce. To me, that sounds like "I'm lazy, do my work for me," and I refuse to enable that bullshit. In fact, my natural write-from-spite instincts usually tell me to make my work even more difficult, just to annoy people with shallow complaints. But that's not a good use of my time, or theirs.

Just had to vent for a second. I feel cleansed. Now, back to television.

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