Thursday, April 8, 2010

this case has enormous ramifications

I'm sitting in class right now, having just set up yet another blogging project - this one's a podcast, though. A poetry podcast. I'll wait until the applause dies down.

Right. The plan, as my frenzied proposal laid out, is to start up a guerrilla poetry podcast. Basically, I'll record people reading their poetry, or poetry in the public domain, and release the recordings as an episodic podcast in my usual audio collage style. Old radio ads and random sound clips will be thrown in there to keep things interesting.

Some poetry podcasts already exist, but they usually focus on celebrated poets reading a couple of their poems, or trained actors reading classic poetry. I'd like my project to be more of a mix. There's a certain unrehearsed quality about amateur readings that I like; they're messy and more interesting to me than the stuff I've heard already, which is more polished. I'd also like to give my poet friends some exposure, limited though it may be, because I like their work and I think they deserve it.

I've also made some headway on my novel - the train rides to and from NC gave me a lot of time to edit with no Internet to distract me. There are still some trouble spots that I've done a good job avoiding thus far, but I think I'm getting a better grip on the novel's overall structure, and some of the minor characters.

There's more, but here I am getting distracted by the Internet again. Back to work!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

it spoils your complexion

So my, uh, three posts a week thing has kinda fallen off lately. Especially this past week, since I went to NC for Easter and thus wasn't in a civilized area with leechable wireless Internet. Then again, for a while there I was posting every day to virtually no response, so I think I'll still come out even by the end of the semester.

This week's assignment was to get some people to click around my E-Pub website and test it for user-friendliness, or lack thereof. Thankfully, I did this a while ago, since I'm such a shameless nag that I linked every available friend to the website and told them to look around. Since more than a few of them live out of state, being in the same room with them wasn't possible, but I did get feedback from three or four people whose opinion I trust (i.e. they would tell me if it sucked).

For the most part, they liked it. They appreciated the simple layout and the overall look of it (even though one tester reported that the pictures creeped her out). My site doesn't look like a Wordpress blog with a customized domain, which is how most writers go about it, and they all appreciated that. The links back to my homepage from the other pages were likewise appreciated.

One issue they all brought up is that most of the updates will take place on my blog (a fully separate link from the homepage), so there isn't much of a long term draw to the homepage itself. A way to deal with that is to make another page with Wordpress coding and build it in as a more personalized blog, but that'll have to wait until I have enough free time for it. I still have my Experimental Forms project to adapt to the web, but even that will be fairly static once it's on the site. Someone also thought the visible brackets on my Links page looked a little clunky, and he's right. The bastard.

Basically, I need to make sure my website remains vital over time, which is valid criticism. Of course, I asked for this weeks ago and haven't done jackshit with it, but the website competes for time with an erratic work schedule and school. And my own inescapable sloth. Can't forget sloth. Still, it's a lot to think about, which I will now do silently since I've bored anyone reading this to tears by now.