Wednesday, September 15, 2010

on the next episode of...

Made some changes to the BoD Publications! page, mainly because I settled on a title for my next project and, while I don't know the exact release date yet, I do know the season. So there's that. Skate on up to that page to find out a little more info.

Tuesday brought a very interesting lecture on copyright law from Jim Astrachan, who's something of a bigwig in the field, and tonight's poetry class was fun enough to shake me out of the terrible mood work had left me in. All the positivity in that class will take some getting used to, but that's another topic for another day. As is everything else I've mentioned here, sadly, because I need to get some real writing done and go to bed. I'm OLD. But I will go into more depth on these topics when I have the time and energy to do so. But since it's bad form to let the blog stand idle for too too long, I figured a general update was in order.