Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ah my public. how they love me.

Re: my take on a kinda fucked up and unappealing Snickers Halloween commercial. (here's the ad itself)

"[DK], when will you understand advertising? The fact that the kids are 'not right' is because, 1) it's Halloween, 2) it's the odd humor of Snickers, 3) I'm guessing you'd rather have formulaic sit-com comedy. 'Who let the kids in the store like that?' Did you really ask that? Really? No, serious, really? You'll make a "great" client someday.
And what you failed to notice is that the only thing wrong with it was it wasn't funny enough. Maybe it was bad casting. Or bad writing. But being 'not right' wasn't one of the reasons. Sorry. You fail on so many levels."

Wow. You'd think I called his mom fat or something. But this is a prime example of why UB's uber-supportive writing atmosphere still takes some getting used to - out in the real world, there are plenty of crybabies who want to punch holes in your boat over trivial crap.