Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the relative importance of price and environmental virtue

Went to a pretty awesome reading in midtown Balmer tonight - the Artifice Magazine folks were in town on their book tour (they're based in Chicago), and brought fun with them, plus all the readers were fantastic. Being around people like them always fires me up, because they're very good and very involved in what they're doing, and that lights a fire under my ass to keep working and getting better. Tonight was also just what I needed after a somewhat lackluster poetry workshop. Not that my classmates aren't smart and perceptive, or that my poem for this week was a gem, but no one really had anything to say about it, which was weird. One would think they'd have come up with something. It was a letter poem that I wrote as a telegram, and I may post it here sometime. I don't think it was that odd, all things considered, but it clearly wasn't effective if it didn't engage any readers. I dunno. Maybe I'll try it out at a reading or two and see how it's received.

At some point I need to cross-post my response to Jane Delury's guest lecture from last week's Comm. Design class, because she talked about literary journals and the submitting process, which are perfect topics for this blog. But it's also 1:30am and I need to sleep, so it'll have to wait for another time.