Monday, January 17, 2011

pouring boodle in galveston

I got a flash of inspiration for both my novel and my Fiction Project book (subject: dirigibles and submersibles) last night. My writer's block was such that I was reshelving books out of frustration, but that gave me a chance to flip through some recently acquired poetry collections, specifically Patricia Smith's Blood Dazzler and Li Young-Lee's Book of My Nights. Any struggling writers out there should take heed: it's worth keeping some modern poetry around, if only to grab cool phrases from every so often. Mike Young's We Are All Good If They Try Hard Enough is an excellent resource as well, although I might be biased because I copy-edited that one.

Also, now that football is meaningless to me (damn you, Ravens!), hearing the rest of the country raging about teams I have no stake in will be FUN and ENJOYABLE. Oh, I'm sorry - I meant it will be tedious and awful.

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