Thursday, March 31, 2011

i am trying to connect

What Weekly's write-up of this month's WORMS reading, in which I participated, is up on their website. Huzzah! I included a very nice thing they said about me in the Praise section of this blog, but do read the whole thing. Rupert, Chris, and Buck are very good writers and readers and people. What Weekly runs a professional ship too, it seems, so hats off to them as well.

I think I promised to talk about why I love Baltimore so much, despite its inescapable numerous glaring flaws, and WORMS gives body to part of what I like about this place - the very real and artistic weirdness that grips the entire city. Baltimore is not a place of false neuroses, so pretense is really obvious here. Artists here seem very keen to start things - readings, showings, galleries, unorthodox living room music spaces, etc. - and give themselves and others an opportunity to display their craft. Which is impressive in a city whose lines between good and bad areas are notoriously abrupt, whose resources in general are scarce, and whose reputation doesn't provide much incentive for other people to take us seriously. There's a lot of art and literature here, folks, and the community behind it is the first anything I've actually wanted to join in years.

So there, that's one reason I love it here. And I think it's a pretty good one.

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