Tuesday, April 26, 2011

contrary to the others

Apologies for the lack of updates - this semester is dragging its belly towards the finish line, leaving me with precious little time to do much more than homework and empty my cat's litter box. But I do have a few random thoughts that I may expand in future postings if I remember/feel like it/am not dead or crazy from exhaustion by then.

People have FEELINGS about memoirs. It's probably a bad sign that whenever I hear the word memoir I think of vacuous celebrity ghostwriter jobs or boring hipsters waxing on about their bad relationships and wacky relatives. Especially because there are a couple of memoirs that I really like, namely Mick Foley's 500-page whale of a book that I bought the day it came out and still revisit today. Good/bad memoirs and good/bad novels share a lot of the same characteristics, so maybe the issue is that I find "memoirists" in writing programs to be extremely off-putting and just project that feeling onto memoirs as a whole.

This future/death of the novel stuff needs to stop for a while. It's just navel-gazing at this point, since no one really has any idea how to answer the question beyond a few limp intellectual poses.

Chris Toll's The Disinformation Phase is a damn fine book of poems. I'll definitely have more on that later, but yeah. Good book.

I thought I had more than this. Oh well. Back to the screenplay, I s'pose.

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