Friday, April 15, 2011

i love my generic liberal paradise

Since I have nothing of substance to post right this second, but feel the need to update after a week of silence, here's a little something in honor of Poetry Month, to which I have contributed jackshit up until this moment. Also, no goofy picture this time, since nothing I have will format properly. Such is life.

title: i bet it's hormonal

went downtown on a friday
walking around with my head
hung down eating burgers
like i feel like steve mcqueen
would have: low labor jacket
left unbuttoned, lean stomach
howling like the wolves at
his doorstep.

fleet street's wet. i like
how night light spreads
across water, across the
standing puddles that ripple
to the rhythm of our feet. the
stereo signal indicators of
modern urban living.

walked into a pizza place that
looked like a homeless man's
mouth but their pizza was the
best i'd ever put into mine.

back wandering the halls of the
night time, leaning on a lean railing
over the water. salt presses the air
well and the pier lights form amoebas
in the tide as it projects its winnings.

i caught a quesadilla cart as it was
withdrawing from fell's point and ate
a quesadilla. it had chorizo and
cheese and mushrooms in it. each
mushroom was a balloon bursting on
my tongue.

i watched two blond people
hold hands and
watch the water and
i wondered why i was
so hungry all of a sudden.

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