Sunday, May 15, 2011

glass under human teeth

My semester is done! The screenplay is turned in, the final graphic design project has been graded, and now I have the summer to finish revising the novel and get some other projects doing. Finally. I was beginning to think I'd never see this day.

I also contributed some more artwork to The Light Ekphrastic, where I was paired with awesome experimental poet Catherine Maire. I'm not what you'd call a brilliant artist, but I did the best I could and messed around with two different styles - the first image is hand-drawn (and badly photographed), while the second is a digital collage.

Also, I sent my buddy Lavinia Ludlow a .pdf copy of Gouts of Angry Mist - her response-blurb is on my Praise... page with the others. And I might be a featured reader at Artichoke Haircut's next reading here in Harm City - I read during the open mic portion of their last event, and they must have liked me, because one of their editors offered it to me on the spot. More updates on that as they occur.

Now then, sleep! I'll post about Jane Borden's book, which I just finished, next time around.

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