Saturday, May 21, 2011

of great value to the community

"We don’t need critics obsessed with the real, or with whether the novel is alive or dead. We need critics willing to look at the novels that are already out there, going about their business, quietly making the future of literature, whether “we” like it or not."
--taken from Jess Row's The Novel Is Not Dead

"In order to prevent the fabric of elite art society from being torn apart by the rampant proliferation of the contemporary artist, a specific modus operandi must be introduced into the institutional framework of art schools so as to control and shape the former’s behaviour and functional purpose. That is, through systematic inculcation of the institution’s ethos contemporary artists are manufactured en masse as purveyors of meaninglessness, instruments of obfuscation that safeguard and conceal the locus of the elite from the bewildered eyes of the vapid, homogenous masses."
--taken from David McGill's The Death of Modern Art

Have fun with all that. I got some very encouraging feedback on the finished draft of my screenplay (and considering what inspired it, that's no small thing), and the novel is humming along nicely. Creatively speaking, life's pretty good right now.

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