Friday, June 24, 2011

trying to pick out something cultural

I was going to post about the "life experience" criticism of MFA programs, and whether or not they make writers out of people with nothing to say, but I think I need to organize my thoughts a bit more before moving forward with that idea. But I do want to point out that not everyone in an MFA program is a 23-year-old urban hipster. Lots of working professionals go to grad school. My program (which, admittedly, is something of an outlier) has tons of them; I'm almost 30 and I'm on the younger end of the spectrum. Maybe that's because UB's program is a mixture of writing and graphic design, and the latter element draws from a wider pool of applicants than a place like, say, Iowa, where you're not even allowed to mention Twitter in class. Maybe more MFA programs should offer writing in conjunction with "practical" skills to draw more older people who want to write as much as they need to broaden their skillsets.

Or maybe companies that employ writers should actually pay them what they're worth, so more of us can learn through professional, instead of academic, experience.

Speaking of writing, I've got a novel to finish, so back to it. I'm so close I can almost feel the rejections in my hands, still warm from the printer.

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