Thursday, July 14, 2011

fish for prizes

So I got my first bit of screenplay feedback from the Creative World Awards, and they...liked it. I don't think they completely understood it, but I got a 7.9/8 out of 10 on their scorecard and I might have a shot at advancing beyond the prelims. Go me!

I must say, the feedback I got was an interesting mix of bewildering, hilarious, and flattering. I've never gotten any kind of Hollywood insider take on my work before, so it was worth it just for that, but some of their observations were just odd, and really funny due to their neutrality. "There [is] sarcastic banter and some funny lines, which suggest this is a comedy, but then Nora gets shot in the face and this quickly becomes anything but a comedy" is a line I wish I'd written - I've been laughing about that one for days. They did give me some truly helpful advice about what to add (an extra 10-15 pages) and where, though, so I'm not just making fun of them.

My screenwriting prof was more upset than me about their inability to pin down what genre I was writing in (they think I should up the comedy, since "the author clearly has a grasp for writing that genre"), and compared it to studio suits scratching their heads about Pulp Fiction, which could be described as a dark, violent comedy. It was also written by a guy with industry cred, so I think the studios feel like crossing genres is something you need to earn.

But who cares? This was not the brutal rejection I had expected; in fact, they compared it to Smokin' Aces, which I took as a huge compliment. I loved that movie. Let's just see what happens from here.

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