Thursday, August 11, 2011

advertising is rocket science

In response to this Adfreak post

That's it? Really, [DK]? That's your grand conclusion here? That this 3-minute clip - which although forgettable isn't nearly as insufferable as you attempt to paint it - proves only that Paul Rudd should be a sidekick?

You, uh, you know, wanna expound and perhaps offer some marketing insights here? Maybe some musings on the new ways Hollywood is marketing its movies, juxtaposing successful attempts with their failed counterparts?

Instead, we get an uninspired and utterly irrelevant "Rudd should just be a sidekick"? Guess maybe you got a little sidekick in you as well, [DK]. Though I must commend you for accomplishing one remarkable thing here: You unwittingly succeed in combining lame marketing criticism with lame movie criticism all in one lame paragraph.

Wow. Um. Sorry that Paul Rudd's unfunny commercial for his unfunny movie wasn't funny, guy. Maybe make yourself some tea when you're done crying and try to calm down.

Now then, go read my Christmas story over at LOOP. It's funnier than dudes getting butthurt on the Internet, I promise.

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  1. Wow. At least one adfreak reader has a serious crush on Paul Rudd! Pssht. Can't believe someone would take so much time picking on you about this. Hugs :)