Monday, August 1, 2011


The reading was a success! I may even post a picture from it at some point. I read three short stories, two of which can be found on the sidebar to your right under "Published Works," to about 20 people or so (oddly, very few of them were among the 20 or so people who RSVP'd on Facebook), and they asked some really good and thoughtful questions. One of them said afterward that she felt like she was in a surreal version of Inside the Actor's Studio, due to the set (a comfy cubist chair and a plastic plant on the Spotlight UB circle rug) and the creepy preshow music I put together for the occasion. That, and I kinda look like James Lipton.

Really though, I learned a lot and it was nice to hear those stories out loud. Not even the untimely death of my passenger door's power window regulator could spoil my weekend - the whole thing was quite lovely. Once I take my car to the shop tomorrow, I may bring the new lappy to campus and see if I can get some writing done. If not, I'll bring it down to the local coffee shop and make use of their free wi-fi, since mine can't be counted on these days for some reason. Masons, I suspect.

Up next is the Artichoke Haircut open mic on Thursday, and then cranking down on the sound design for Muldoon. So I'd better sleep now, methinks.

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