Thursday, September 22, 2011

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Good lord, it's been nearly two weeks since my last update. The workload in my final year of grad school has joined forces with my job to throw me off my schedule for just about everything. At this rate I'll be turning in assignments via throwing them into the street while shrieking obscenities. I'm also applying for new jobs left and right, which is stressful and disheartening for reasons we all know.
But last weekend saw me dressing up like a heavy metal Viking to perform with the Baltimore Rock Opera Society at the H Street Festival in DC. Being a Viking, it turns out, is death on the back and knees, but it was insanely fun and will have to happen much more often. They're an extremely cool group of people, and their creative energy did wonders for my mood.

I also read Michael Bible's Simple Machines, which is literally a collection of sentences. While I don't understand the Cult of the Perfect Sentence that propagates itself through certain avenues of indie lit, it's possible to connect dots in Bible's book and make your own versions of stories with what he provides. Also, some of them are accompanied by illustrations, and I wish the entire book had been done that way. I will also say that  Simple Machines ends with one of the best sentences ever. I won't spoil it here, but it's really good and, in an odd way, more satisfying that the endings to a lot of traditionally-written books I've read this year.

Speaking of books, I need to return to Murakami. Ta.

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