Friday, December 9, 2011

absurd sexuality violence and profanity

I made it to the end of the semester! Hooray! Now all I need to do is edit my manuscript over winter break and figure out a title and then go about the process of laying out and designing my book and then auuuurrghglkoetoiqerijghkldjfvnmqxwflkjsdnalkkklllll *dies*

Maybe that was a little dramatic, but I have tons of crap still to do before this short story collection drops in May, just in time for my graduate reading/bookfair. I'm also figuring out how to do a little mini-book tour of Baltimore, NYC, maybe DC, and maybe Philly or someplace nearby. Why not? I'll have enough books, so I might as well walk them around. It'll be weird though, because I make it a point to read funny/entertaining stuff at events and so far most of the stuff in my book is pretty grim. That's not automatically a bad thing - those stories need to be what they are - but reading fiction is soporific enough without the added challenge of the stories making people sad.

But! One or maybe two of my telegrams will be in Artichoke Haircut's February issue, and I have a story about being young and stupid and going to an ANTiSEEN show in last week's LOOP. And I still have the clown novel to work on once my MFA book has been put to bed. Somewhere in there I'll have to start sending things out to journals again, but for once I feel like I actually have time for that.

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