Friday, January 7, 2011

pioneers of superviolent line-dancing music

Patton Oswalt's article bemoaning the state of modern nerd culture has already made the rounds, but I just finished reading it because I'm still on winter break and therefore lounging around doing glorious amounts of nothing. But since this weekend will be devoted to The Novel, I decided to catch up on my Internet and read Patton's article, which had been linked to me some time ago.

Patton isn't much different from the herds of other aging suburban counterculturalists who don't like change - things were cool and fun and unique when he was into them, and they lost all those qualities the instant he outgrew them or, more likely, they outgrew him. His disgust at seeing normal people wearing Boba Fett shirts or hearing Rocky Horror songs on Glee is almost exactly like old punks whinging about punk being dead because of Good Charlotte or AFI or whoever they want to blame for not being relevant anymore.