Friday, March 4, 2011

there's a perception of what the writers are

Siiiiiiiiiiick. I'm working my way through a cold right now, hence my silence - all I've done for the past few days is go to class, sleep, and pack my face full of medicine while begging the universe to kill me. So far, nothing. Damned indifferent cosmos.

Anyway, I also redesigned Weak Creature Press' logo, so go to their Facebook page and sing your praises to Winston, the WCP bison. Also buy their books, because WCP puts out some cool stuff.

On the subject of writing, Dave Lagana's Formerly Creative podcast is a real treasure - Dave used to write for the WWE, and he has a lot of interesting discussions with other ex-creative team members that chronicle the most demanding, stressful writing job on the planet. Despite the specific focus of his podcast (writing for the largest professional wrestling organization in the world/working for an insane out-of-touch megalomaniac), Dave and his guests have a lot to say about professional writing and writing for television, which are two ways for writers to make a living that lie beyond academia. They're not often part of the endless dialogue about the future of American letters, but maybe they should be.