Thursday, April 7, 2011

like a smudged nose orphan

Quick update: my good buddy Lauren, who went to Gettysburg with me, has started up an online newsletter/journal called LOOP (the name makes fun of Gwyneth Paltrow somehow), and the first issue went live today. I'm in it, telling a 200-word "first" story about my old car. The story right after mine, written by Nikki Metzgar, was hilarious enough to be the source of this post's title.

In other writing news, I finally made a breakthrough on both my novel and my screenplay, which had each been stalled for too long. The screenplay needs to be done next month for class, so that's the priority at this point, but I've been saying that I want the novel ready to shop around by the end of this year, so it's nice to finally make some progress towards that goal again.

Off to work.