Saturday, April 16, 2011

the decor is almost comically bad

Yup, another poem. I think it's getting weird too. But I misheard some song lyrics in the car on the drive home tonight, and this came out.

title: kissing is weird

when every pressure point
engages close to your lips
from your toe tips
lifting your heels
off the tile and your
abductor hallucis stretches
medially along the border
of the soul as those
flexors wax and wane
you think we shouldn't
but we do
and we can't
but we do
and we don't
but we do
we do
we do
we do
we do
we do

Friday, April 15, 2011

i love my generic liberal paradise

Since I have nothing of substance to post right this second, but feel the need to update after a week of silence, here's a little something in honor of Poetry Month, to which I have contributed jackshit up until this moment. Also, no goofy picture this time, since nothing I have will format properly. Such is life.

title: i bet it's hormonal

went downtown on a friday
walking around with my head
hung down eating burgers
like i feel like steve mcqueen
would have: low labor jacket
left unbuttoned, lean stomach
howling like the wolves at
his doorstep.

fleet street's wet. i like
how night light spreads
across water, across the
standing puddles that ripple
to the rhythm of our feet. the
stereo signal indicators of
modern urban living.

walked into a pizza place that
looked like a homeless man's
mouth but their pizza was the
best i'd ever put into mine.

back wandering the halls of the
night time, leaning on a lean railing
over the water. salt presses the air
well and the pier lights form amoebas
in the tide as it projects its winnings.

i caught a quesadilla cart as it was
withdrawing from fell's point and ate
a quesadilla. it had chorizo and
cheese and mushrooms in it. each
mushroom was a balloon bursting on
my tongue.

i watched two blond people
hold hands and
watch the water and
i wondered why i was
so hungry all of a sudden.