Friday, July 1, 2011

several things happened

As promised, here's my article about Japanese pro wrestling for Shinpai Deshou, in which my sad nerdery is laid plain for all to see.

Also, speaking of nerds, here's a tidbit from George R.R. Martin in which he talks about editing the enormous books in his current series. He refers to editing as "sweat." As unpleasant as that mental picture is, I found this passage rather useful:

"...I did my sweat. That's a technique I learned in Hollywood, where my scripts were always too long. "This is too long," the studio would say. "Trim it by eight pages." But I hated to lose any good stuff -- scenes, dialogue exchanges, bits of action -- so instead I would go through the script trimming and tightening line by line and word by word, cutting out the fat and leaving the muscle. I found the process so valuable that I've done the same with all my books since leaving LA. It's the last stage of the process. Finish the book, then go through it, cutting, cutting, cutting. It produces a tighter, stronger text, I feel. In the case of A DANCE WITH DRAGONS, my sweat -- most of it performed after we announced the book's publication date but before I delivered the final chapters -- brought the page count down almost eighty pages all by itself." -- full post is here.

Now then, back to my book.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I have been guest blogging like a FIEND lately. So much so that there's no need for a picture to accompany this post because it would only distract from how IN DEMAND I am.

Over at jmww, I review Chella Courington's Girls & Women.

I have two articles up at The Lit Pub; one talking about The Chronology of Water's book trailer, and another talking about unreliable narration in Ofelia Hunt's Today & Tomorrow.

And on Friday, I'll be talking about Japanese professional wrestling over at Shinpai Deshou, a blog for both graduate and undergraduate students in the field of Japanese Studies. I'll link that post here when the time comes.

Phew. There's no shortage of me on the Internet, it would seem. There is an absolute dearth of me in the gym, however, so I'mma go rectify that now.