Tuesday, October 11, 2011

never apologize to fiona apple

Oh dear god I'm guest-editing LOOP this week. The usual editor, Lauren Passell, is visiting her boyfriend's entire family in Taiwan (where she went to see his brother's jug band), so I was charged with soliciting and editing stories in her place.

I'm also going to be contributing some artwork to my buddy Ian's Lunar State Radio program, based on his experiences at Evergreen State. He describes the show as "a punk rock Prairie Home Companion," which sounds about right. It'll be a good time.

Other than that, I've been focusing on classwork - The Book (the final project/thesis for my MFA program) is peeking up over the horizon at me, laughing as I feebly attempt to reach it with my rough drafts and neophyte design skills. But I did have time to make a telegram for Artichoke Haircut, which they will publish in their next issue. Come to think of it, I should mail that to them already. Time flies when you're stressed to the point of manic insomnia.