Tuesday, November 15, 2011

there aren’t too many bars

Hey, so um sorry about the lack of pictures with the latest updates. I like having regular visual elements on the blog, even if I didn't come up with them (which is often the case), but looking for cool pictures that don't look like crap on here takes time that I haven't had lately.

Also, sorry about the lack of updates. I've probably mentioned this before, but my life is really boring most of the time, and I'd rather not update this thing just to do it - I'd like to have something at least vaguely substantive to post, ya know? This attitude is either an example of good self-restraint or bad marketing instincts, I can't decide which. It reminds me of the Bobcat Goldthwait interview I read recently where he denounced social media as a pain in the ass. His specific complaint was that social media, and the excuses it gives various industries to cut back on marketing costs, forces writers to turn their lives into reality television in the hopes of building any kind of audience. He's kinda right. I wish I could find it so I could link the whole thing.

Anyway, I went to a reading last weekend and heard Edward Mullany (who is touring his new book of poems), Barbara DeCesare, and Karl Taro Greenfeld read their stuff. They were all great, and I had a chat with Karl about Japanese youth culture and what really killed American hardcore punk in the 80s. I also asked him if he was in Japan when Antonio Inoki and the Great Sasuke were respectively elected to the Japanese senate, which outed me as a pro wrestling fan, but he was cool with it.

Tomorrow night is Steve Matanle's reading and book signing at my school, and then I need to get started on sound design for And Underneath The Moon, Glass Mind Theatre's upcoming production. Egad. So much to do. No wonder I never blog.