Saturday, December 17, 2011

anti-perspirant is different

Since I've been making it a point to advertise this blog in other projects I'm working on (sound design for Glass Mind Theater, for example), I should also make it a point to update this blog more often. Of course, waiting ten days between posts lets me beat myself up for waiting so long, which isn't a bad opener.

In any case, I'm trying to prepare myself for the upcoming holiday trip to NC by getting as much writing done as possible. I've sent in stuff for Artichoke Haircut, will be writing stuff for TSB and the G'burg Times and Adfreak, and managed to get a reading slot at Last Rites in February. Not bad, considering how crappy my personal life has been over the past two weeks.

I also finished Lauren Groff's The Monsters of Templeton, which is sort of about a disgraced grad student's search for her true father as time and tourism warp her hometown and a legendary monster's corpse is dredged from the lake near her mother's house. I say "sort of about" because the book has ten jillion subplots that don't really go anywhere; it's the classic problem of too many cool ideas struggling for attention, so none of them get it. To quote the New York Times review, “does the town really need a monster and ghosts and eerie family portraits?” My slip may be showing here in terms of what I like to read, but it bothered me that a wealth of surrealism and weirdness just waiting to be explored got passed over for a much less interesting, or credible, slog through the narrator's family tree (one of the novel's many twists is that the narrator's mother knows who her real father is, but won't tell her because she has to find out for herself, which serves no purpose beyond enabling the plot).

Okay look, it's nearly 3am here. I'm going to sleep. I'm going to see Adam Robinson and Joe Young read tomorrow afternoon, so I'll probably blog about that afterwards.