Monday, January 23, 2012

but we need to care

The final semester is almost upon me! Dear god. On Wednesday, I will begin putting my first by-God book together. Part of me wishes it was a novel instead of a collection of short stories, and another part of me wishes it was being published by someone other than myself for reasons other than finishing grad school, but those parts of me can get bent. This is a big occasion. Besides, I can take what I've learned here and apply it to my novel, which has yet again been shelved so I can work on school stuff.

I'm feeling good about the manuscript. I wasn't before, but I am now. It's not perfect, but it's becoming the kind of writing I want to put into the world; funny when it needs to be, gloomy when it needs to be, moody, atmospheric, all that fun stuff.

I also have some readings coming up. Artichoke Haircut's Spring 2012 issue release party is on Feb. 2nd, and since I'm in that issue, I'll be reading. I'll also be reading at Last Rites again on Feb. 26th, and at the Town Square Reading Series in mid-Feb., although I'm not sure what the exact date is. I want to say the 19th, but I could be wrong. Fun times! I'm trying to get some other readings together for when the book comes out - hopefully I'll be able to attend AWP so I can network my way into a little book tour.

I thought I had more to say, but I don't. To bed with me, then!

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