Sunday, February 12, 2012

chronological age is not a consideration

Revising short stories is hard, so I'm going to look up fellowships and ramble about art for a second here.

Went to the BMA yesterday and stumbled into their Print By Print exhibit, which the BMA describes as "an epic tour of serial printmaking." I bet that's not a phrase they use very often. In any case, there are some awesome print series on display in there, particularly Piranesi's "Imaginary Prisons," which I'd never seen before. Holy crap. If there was ever a group of images that captured the essence of my upcoming thesis book, it's "Imaginary Prisons." The prints are smoky and dark and distorted, and full of weird, purposeless machinery. The visual effect is very Kafka-esque, or like the menace behind the redundancy of a French farce.

And with all that, what you have are some very cool and inventive pieces of art that challenge you and make you work a little bit, but they're enormously rewarding once you put the time in.

Here's a link to the full series. The website is in Russian, but I think the click-the-thumbnail UI is pretty straightforward. And hey, on the off-chance you can read Russian, what a great time to practice.

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