Thursday, June 21, 2012

returned to life in a crumbling body

Geez, it's been two weeks since my last update. That's not good. And I actually have some stuff to talk about, even.

Firstly, the response to stone a pig has been great so far - the opening story from the book has been published in Cobalt (look for the link in my Published Works sidebar), and I'm going to be a guest on EMP Collective's Late Night Talk Show this Saturday. I guess I'll be talking about my book and maybe some telegrams, which is a good enough excuse to bust out the black suit and the monocle again unless the triple-digit heat persists into the weekend.

But really, the feedback I've gotten from readers has been wonderful. I've probably said this before, but the enthusiastic audience my book found has caught me off-guard. Baltimore is an odd place to be a writer, because our performing arts community is so large and active that it can feel a bit unimpressive to be a writer, a solitary artist in a city full of people encouraging each other to work together.

That's not a slight against the performing arts by any means - I love all the community art happening here, and I'm happy to see that it does involve actual community members and not just college-educated transplants performing to other college-educated transplants. It's just that writing isn't nearly as dynamic because to do it (and enjoy it), one must ultimately crawl into one's own head. Even though book discussion can be very lively and engaging and controversial, that's still only one half of the equation that the performing arts enjoy as a default, in that both doing it and responding to it are active.

So with all that in my head, it's a delight that people are enjoying my book and passing it along or recommending it to others. I'm trying to drum up some more press for it now that I have more copies, so we'll see where that goes. I'm pretty sure I can land it in What Weekly, and I have some other longshot ideas about where to send it while I work on my novel. So much to do. This is excellent.

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