Friday, September 14, 2012

everyone thinks it's a terrible idea

CL Bledsoe, who is a regular at the Artichoke Haircut reading series and might be the funniest writer I know, was kind enough to review my book the other day, and said some pretty awesome things about it.

I'm also going to be featured at The Committee Room pretty soon, because they picked "How to Adopt a Cat" (published in Cobalt, as we all know) as their story of the month for September, which is immensely flattering. I'll link to that when it goes up, of course, but check out their site in the meantime. They've got good taste.

All this stuff about the short story collection has me itching to return to the novel again when I have some time, but I need to do what I did for NaNoWriMo and just turn off that part of my brain that second-guesses creative decisions right away. That was super easy back in 2009 and nearly impossible to do now, although it could be argued that I know a lot more about writing now than I did back then. Still, I need to put myself back into Draft Mode and forgive ideas/sentences that aren't perfect right off the bat, because I'll never finish this damn thing if I don't.

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