Tuesday, January 3, 2012

these things don’t happen by themselves

Merry new year, everyone! May 2012 be less of a disappointment than 2011. Hopefully we won't all be subject to bullshit Mayan calendar predictions that won't happen.

Chuck Wendig's 25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing was a good article to read at the start of the new year - even though four or five of the entries on his list are basically the same thing, it's all very inspiring. Since I have a manuscript to bang into shape this month, Wendig's list floated across my transom at a fortuitous time. And he's right - writers can get too caught up in outside perceptions of what we should be doing, so we lose focus on what we could be doing. There are many possibilities in this line of work.

And while I'm here, my list of the best books I read in 2011 is due! I didn't get to read as much as in 2010, which is a shame, but hopefully this year will make up for it. Now then, in no special order...