Sunday, January 15, 2012

rough suggested daily search volumes

Oh man, I forgot to mention that I went to MAGfest a little bit ago! For the unaware, it's an awesome music and video games convention that, at least this year, took over the Gaylord Hotel in National Harbor. Being something of a music and video games enthusiast myself, I went down there on the 7th to see what all the fuss was about. Turns out I'm as bad at Mortal Kombat and Bad Dudes now as I was when I was in middle school - there was a whole room full of arcade consoles, and an Atari hooked up to an old TV in front of the sort of couch that must have been in every grandmother's basement between 1975 and 1980. The attention to detail won me over immediately.

I also found out that video game culture pretty much means Nintendo games, specifically the Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy series. Being a Sega Genesis/PC gaming fellow in my younger days, I honestly felt a little out of my depth at times, and even the NES games I liked as a kid - Rygar, Chrysalis, The Punisher, all the cool wrestling games, etc. - are outliers. I think what happened is that I played video games in complete ignorance of the culture surrounding them because, as a pre-Internet young person, I didn't know where to find it, or even to look for it. I also played video games to escape from people anyway, much like I do now, so even if I'd known of a larger video gaming community, I might not have wanted anything to do with it.

Extrapolating from that, I think most of my nerdier hobbies developed the same way - without much guidance from other people with similar interests, I kinda went my own way. Which is fine, but it is weird when I figure out that there's an entire shared canon of books/games/whatever that I've missed out on. The one exception is punk rock - I may not have had access to the scene right away, but I knew it was around pretty early on, so my tastes aren't quite as slapdash there as they are for other things.

So that's that, then. Back to the manuscript!