Friday, May 25, 2012

step into the butt closet

Oh hey look I was interviewed in Vouched

Pretty cool. Thanks to Adam Robinson for asking good questions. I had to think pretty hard about the responses to some of them. I also had to condense some of those answers, which was a good exercise in not prattling on forever when someone asks me about my work. I'm not Kevin Smith, after all.

Speaking of talking, I'm going to be a guest at EMP Collective's Late Night Talkshow on June 23rd, along with some chill bros from Stillpointe Theatre and Shocked & Amazed's James Taylor. I'll probably read some telegrams and talk about the book and other things. Should be a good time.

Now onto more important business - why do the readers for Dave Barry's audiobooks always suck? I have a bunch of them, being a huge Barry fan, and they're just awful. The guy doing Dave Barry's Money Secrets tries way too hard to be as wacky as the source material (he's not the only offender there, just the worst one), and the guy doing Dave Barry's Guide to the Millennium sounds like an autistic robot. Dave himself read Dave Barry Turns 50 and he, uh, shouldn't have. If only John Ritter was still alive. Now there's a guy who could read an audiobook.

I think I'm out of links, so I'm going to get back to one of my books now.