Thursday, September 20, 2012

other compounds act on molecules

More press! The lovely, talented, and alliterative Lavinia Ludlow (author of alt.punk) was kind enough to interview me about stone a pig, and followed that up with a very complimentary micro-review. I feel like I flubbed the "what's your writing process" question, but the real answer would have been way too long and my process isn't a consistent one anyway.

It's interesting to hear which stories individual readers liked best, too - it's quite the wide range. I had some idea of which stories were my hardest hitters when I was done editing the manuscript, but I've gotten a lot of praise for stories that I didn't think people would notice as much (namely "Bohemia," which is linked in my Published Works alongside "The Experiment").

On the subject of writing, Citypaper's Best Of issue just hit the streets, and Laura Lippman won Best Local Author. I was going to argue this and offer it as more proof that Baltimore is ignoring its own thriving indie lit scene (Michael Kimball and Justin Sirois could have easily won this), but I really can't. Laura lives here, even though her neighborhood is the yuppified devil's asshole that is Federal Hill, writes in a local coffeeshop all the time, and teaches at Goucher, so she's a part of the community in addition to being a best-selling mystery writer. It's not like she can help being the obvious winner for what amounts to a popularity contest, and she shouldn't be given shit for it. I admittedly haven't read any of her books, but I think I should, just to see what all the fuss is about.