Monday, January 7, 2013

not exactly the paragon of calm

Whoa dang, it's been an entire month since I last updated here. That's the busy holiday season, I s'pose. Here are some highlights.

- Read at Expresso Ink's broadside release party (where I was the headliner) and had a nice chat with Michael Kimball about his competitive streak.

- Got on the Twitter.

- Read at an event in North Carolina that was organized by a fan, which was cool despite the small turnout. Honestly, I was flattered that anyone would be sufficiently moved by my book to put together a reading for me, and the small crowd was an attentive one. Chalk it up as a victory.

- Started yet another project, this time a chapbook that is becoming a surreal sort of Western about a pregnant woman hunting down her husband. I'm trying to include more female characters in my work, so we'll see how this turns out.

- The two novels are toddling along slowly, but that's better than not having anything to work on and being completely dry of ideas.

- Some of my friends are getting book deals and whatnot, which is fantastic. They deserve nothing less than fame and critical adoration and throngs of screaming fans on their doorsteps at all times.

- Attended MAGfest XI and made mischief with the Baltimore Rock Opera Society, specifically by telling people that my costume was from a text-based adventure game that doesn't exist (Revenge On Butt Mountain). I'm discovering that the composition of classic video game music was more sophisticated than I thought.

- I still need to write my 2012 book list, but that can wait another day or two.

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