Wednesday, March 20, 2013

wrong moves will be made

Whoa dang, it has been a minute since I posted here. I've been moving into a new place for most of this month, so I've been a little tied up with that (and writing, of course), which has kept me from doing the needful and updating this thing. Which sucks, because I do actually have stuff to talk about.

For one thing, Seltzer published my short story "Oh, The Meadows," about a guy who gets fired and decides to become a human cannonball.

For another thing, I got myself a copy of Tracy Dimond's Sorry I Wrote So Many Sad Poems Today, which I will review here once I give some thought to what I want to say about it (spoiler alert: it's good).

I didn't go to AWP because of moving and so on, which sucks but it's for the best.

The soundtrack to Hotline Miami might just be the best thing of all time.

I keep getting ideas for novels, but none for short stories. This is kind of a problem but not really.