Monday, April 1, 2013

a bit too well done to be done

Oh shucks I totally forgot to mention that I got published in LOOP's February skiing issue. Man, do I hate skiing.

Also, most contemporary fiction is bad, according to J. Robert Lennon. I love ragging on literary fiction and the culture surrounding it as much as the next person, but articles like these are pretty useless for everything except driving up pageviews with artificial controversy. The author should have held tighter to the idea of writers reading widely and learning from everything they can, because cries of "everything you like is bad" always ring hollow, even if they come from Salon. That goes double for cries of "why bother doing anything when most things are so bad," which is a shitty thing to tell creative writing students.

Something that isn't shitty or bad is Fuck It, aka the latest album by Lancaster math-punk duo 1994!. I've been using this as writing music lately, and I just love it. This band combines furious drumming, noodly guitar, and crazy tempo/time changes with a very earnest, organic sound that isn't as abrupt or mechanical as other math-rock stuff normally is. Fuck It, which was recorded on the road with an iPhone, is a lo-fi rager that's meant to be heard all at once in a single listen, but "Apologetically American" and "Non Multa, Sed Multum" more than hold up on their own. Taken as a whole, the album is an impressive chunk of DIY goodness that you can get for free at their Bandcamp site, linked above.

Back to writing. And moving. My back hurts.