Thursday, May 2, 2013

talk about snorting ketamine with hookers

So! My MFA program invited me back to chat with this year's graduating class about life after the MFA, and how to keep writing when you don't have workshop deadlines and a built-in support network. I tried to stress that people need to get involved in the arts and go to readings and see plays and surround themselves with people whose work excites them; that way, there's always a little bit of motivational pressure to write more and better to keep up.

I don't know how much the students got out of it, although they were polite and attentive, but my professors sure appreciated it. One of them sent me this:

On behalf of the Seminar faculty, I want to thank you for a perfect panel presentation, and I mean perfecto maximo. You are always charming and funny, but you are also so genuine, you basically communicate that in every word you speak. To be your authentic self, to be true to yourself, to make art, and to not get caught up in the nonsense. I wish we had recorded it. (I wish we could all live by it!)

And the other one sent me this:

Thank you for your enlightening and, of course, entertaining, panel presentation to our class last Wednesday night.  It was everything we could have hoped for--and more.  I'm sure the students share my appreciation for your willingness to talk to them in such a frank, friendly, and encouraging way.  It was a pleasure to have a chance to see and hear how you've continued to develop as a writer (and performer!)

Gotta say, it felt good to even be asked to come share my experiences post-MFA, so of course I'm thrilled to hear that what I said was valuable. I wish my own writing projects would progress a little faster, but that frustration is part of the creative process too.