Thursday, May 9, 2013

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Whoa dang! A short story of mine, Ringo Starr Is A Beautiful Man, was recently published over at What Weekly, an online newspaper covering Baltimore's art scene, which is varied enough to be considered an ecosystem.

I wrote this story for EMP Collective's Cans 'N Drafts writing workshop, and the specific prompt was to write a story about a turkey that didn't involve Thanksgiving or any other occasion where it became dinner. I decided to have a rednecky Baltimore family adopt one as a pet.

I tried some new (for me) things with this story; a female protagonist, siblings, pets, and other narrative complications that I don't often include in my fiction because I either forget about them or can't control their presence in the story. I think I did okay here, and anyway it's important to step outside one's creative comfort zone every so often, right?