Saturday, August 31, 2013

engage in fast-paced tasks

I'm still here.

Haven't been writing as much as I'd like, due to some motivation issues and trouble keeping up at work. I've been reading about executive function disorder and dyspraxia, and the symptoms for both sound eerily similar to problems I've had over the course of my life.

Haven't done much reading lately either, which is bad because I have books to review, but again, motivation. I think more writers go through periods like this than most of us are comfortable admitting, despite the general attitude that writers should write in every spare moment they have and anyone who falters at the gallows, even for a second, isn't fit to be a True Writer.

Horseshit, says I.

That said, I need to get back on the horse and continue my work. Since I probably won't be getting much sleep tonight, maybe I can put some of that time to productive use.