Wednesday, May 7, 2014

not all of you, either

Well dang someone really liked my new book

Speaking of, I've been working on a book release party for MY NAME IS HATE, which is challenging for someone who entertains as little as I do, and also trying to branch out to reading series in other cities. No wonder event coordinating is its own job. This shit is hard.

So I read Brian Moore's Catholics not too long ago and really enjoyed it. It's a short novel about a very old Irish monastery that refuses to adopt an imaginary Catholicism's new, more ecumenical practices. It's really a story about faith and the inevitability of change, told simply and without any false grandeur. The monastery's Abbot is as funny as he is conflicted about what he believes, and speaks in that classically Irish way where they know they're smarter than you (as opposed to that classically English way where they assume they're smarter than you).

I should also finally talk about my friend Timmy Reed's book Tell God I Don't Exist, which is just great. Timmy is a Baltimore fixture whose work is just effortlessly funny and weird, in that George Saunders kind of way. A lot of his stories exist on the unstable juncture between urban life and nature; animals and semi-hospitable natural environments abound in Timmy's work, and there's a touch of Lovecraft's cosmic indifference in the narrative tone. Timmy delivers this with considerably more optimism than ol' HPL, though, and the result is a sensuous fictional landscape that can never be fully conquered or understood by people, despite their efforts.

Back to work, Stuart.